Chhabbisi Half Yearly Urs Annual Urs Birth Anniversary Sandals

Hazrat Baba Tajuddin’s Birthday


Unique Tradition : it will not be impertinent to mention that during the  period  of Urs and Birth Anniversary hundreds of sandal processions by devotees are brought to the Dargah.

          All festivals connected with Hazrat Baba Tajuddin is celebrated as per Muslim (Hijri) Calendar except his birthday. This is because Baba Tajuddin during his lifetime had obliterated all his worldly connection. However, his date of  birth could be known from military records. Hence his birthday is celebrated every year on 27th January, as per the entry in military records. Devotees celebrate this day with great festivity and numerous cakes of all sizes and shapes presented by the devotees in the Dargah. This is a unique tradition found in any Dargah where numerous cakes of  huge size maximum  around 8 feet x 4 feet with the weight of 151 kg are presented.


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