As Baba Tajuddin got liberated from his worldly physical body on 26th day of the month of Moharram the 26th day of every month of Mahomedan Calendar is celebrated as Chhabbisi, which literally means the ‘Twenty-Sixth’ in English. Emancipated spiritually elevated souls and saints do not “Die”, but are “Liberated”. This phenomenon is called “Purdah Farmana” as per sufi traditions or “Samadhi” as per Hindu customs. At 9.00am the Parcham (Flag) is taken from trust office to the Nishan (Flag post). The process of Flag-Hoisting is completed with great fanfare, after graceful prayers by Shahi Imam of Tajabad. Thereafter Chader is presented at the Shrine of Baba Tajuddin by the Trust and throughout the day huge number of devotee visit the shrine and at10.00pm Milads shareef is recited in the darbar.


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