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Essence Of Religions | Spiritual Titans | Soliciting Baba’s Blessing | Baba Huzoor’s Ancestors | Baba Huzoor’s Birth & Childhood | First proclamation of Baba’s Spiritual Stature | Military Enrolment | Hues of Sufyism | Spiritual Escalation of Baba Huzoor | End of Military Career | Miracle at Goldsmith’s House | Prophecy of Court Verdict | Feeding Starving Devotes | Resolve to go to lunatic asylum | Again in Kamptee | Lunatic returns to Asylum | And The Locomotive Stopped In Its Track | Vision as Jesus Christ | Garland Of Snake | Death-Sentence Overturned | For whom to Pray | Medical Certificate Without Examination

  Essence Of Religions

A spiritually enlightened emancipated soul once remarked, “There are many paths to the Top of the Spiritual Mountain, AND, the view from every path is different, But the VIEW at the TOP, is ONE for ALL”. Sheer Masterpiece of an observation: Indeed, there can be no other way to describe so complexly intricate intense issue so beautifully in simple manner. Every path presents a different visage, and hence a different view. Why, even when two persons simultaneously view the same object, they view it differently because of their different angles of perception. The same is also true of the different religious ideologues, which all tell us about the same Almighty, albeit, differently. Why, even two persons following the same religious ideologies may have different perception according to their own independent interpretations. But our revered sage, Swami Vivekananda, while addressing World Religions’ Conference, called for the purpose of establishing supremacy of religion, has said, “All the religions on earth are like the Rivers, that originate at different places, traverses different outlooks are different, perceptions are different, but intentions are Chast, interests are Divine, the All is ----- Unification with the Almighty. Devouts of all religious orders, who remain immersed in their respective rites and rituals, penance and meditations and other religious practices for cleansing of their soul, attain Salvation i.e. Unification with the Almighty, after their demise. Purification of the soul is essential for unification with the Almighty, and religious orders show the way.



  Spiritual Titans

However, there are Extra-ordinary exceptions to the above rule. The world has witnessed many Spiritual Colossus who have trodden this earth for welfare and succor of Mankind through the ages. These gifted spiritual titans, through intense penance deep meditations and endeavors, scaled the Spiritual Mountain to attain unification with the Almighty in their own lifetimes, and then the radiance and glory of the omnipotent emanates from their being, for the succor and benefit of all mortals. They become embodiment of Almighty on earth and miracles flow from these Divine Personifications to rid the rigors of the mortals. Through these multitudes of miracles and wondrous deeds, lay people recognize their supremely elevated Spiritual Status and anoint them with titles of Saint. Aulia or incarcerations. This, however, is rare phenomena, because such Spiritual Sights, descend or manifest, only seldom. But, there came a phase in time, when there was some sort of avalanche of spiritually emancipated Saints.


Last 4 decades of 9th century and first 4 decades of 20th Century witnessed number of saints emerging for the succor of Humanity. Sai Baba of Shirdi, Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon, Baba Jaan in Pune, Dadaji Dhuniwale in Saikheda, Mirasinh Maharaj, Avtar Meher Baba, Upasani Maharaj, Narayansinghji, et.al the list is almost unending. But, the Emperor amongst contemporary saints, Hazrat Syed Mohammed Baba Tajuddin, by choosing the Orange City of Nagpur for manifesting himself, has exalted the status of this City by his divine presence.

  So awesome was his graceful Omnipotent presence,
  Fortunes of Millions stood altered in Moments.
  Soliciting Baba’s Blessing

Spiritually elevated person’s biography is always momentous. Hazrat Baba Tajuddin (R.A.)’S biography, characterization, miracle are super-momentous. They cannot be stored in umpteen numbers of Libraries, let alone, in a small article like present. An incident of Baba Huzoor’s lifetime, will give an idea of the vastness of such an endeavor. The author of “Taj-Kutbi”, the only authentic account of Baba Huzoor written by Qutubuddin Quazil had sought Baba Huzoor’s permission to write it. To this Baba Hazoor had remarked, “Ho Ji Babu, but from where will you bring enough paper and ink”. Thus, Baba Huzoor himself had indicated that it is futile to fully pen down his story. Therefore, even attempting to outline his life-sketch is like seeking to empty the Ocean in a Tea-Cup. Besides, there are many malafidely vested interests who float false rumors for selfish ends against which one must guard. It is only with Baba Huzoor’s intercession that traces of his biography can flow. Baba Huzoor’s permissions and blessing are sincerely solicited as without his permission, a British devotee could not even photograph Baba, in spite of several efforts, until the permission was granted.



  Some conform to the Rules of Natures;
  Some dictate their terms to the Universe.
  Baba Huzoor belongs to the father.
  Baba Huzoor’s Ancestors

Ancestors of Baba Huzoor hailed from Arab, and had migrated to Kolar region of Madras State in search of livelihood. Baba Huzoor had mentioned, “I am a descendant of Imam Hasan Askari, Imam Hasan Askari’s grandson, Syadha Abdullah (R.A.) had settled in Kolar. Great-great Grandfather of Baba Huzoor, Syed Abdul Qudir Shah (R.A.) entered into the service of British Troops, setting a trend of military service in the family. He rose to the position of Subedar Major Sardar Bahador. His son, Hazrat Syed Ali (R.A.) is Baba Huzoor’s Great-grandfather. It was military service that brought Baba Huzoor’s Grandfather, Hazrat Syed Khwaja Haidar Shah, (R.A.) to Kamptee, a satellite township of Nagpur, Baba Huzoor’s maternal lineage also had military background, as his Maternal Grandfather, Hazrat Sheikh Meeran Saheb and Uncle Syed Ahdul Rehman were in the British army. It would not be impertinent to mention that Baba Huzoor himself, very briefly entered British Army like his father, Hazrat Syed Badruddin (R.A.).

  Baba Huzoor’s Birth & Childhood

Baba Huzoor was born in Gora Bazar, Kamptee on 27th January, 1861 unto Hazrat Syed Badruddin (R.A.) and Mariam Bi Saheba Ghuddan Bi. Even in his birth Baba Huzoor was incredible. He lay motionless savoring the world with closed eyes. When after birth Baba Huzoor made no movement or sound nor opened his eyes, people started wondering if the child was stillborn. In keeping with the trends of the time, a coin was heated up and the hot coin was stuck to his temple. As soon as it struck him, Baba Huzoor opened his eyes with a brisk shriek, and started looking around with unmistakable smile lighting up his chubby face. The scar of the hot coin remained with him throughout his lifetime. But, Baba Huzoor could not bask in his parent’s love for long. He was hardly one year old, when his father expired while on a mission to Burma. Jolted by the shattering event, his mother took to bed. They were brought over to her father’s house, where in spite of best care, she too departed for her heavenly sojourn leaving a 7 years old Baba Huzoor alone.



  But oh! How can trouble afflict them.
  That are destined to rid the world of its ills.

Even in his childhood, Baba Huzoor did not display any childish exuberance but remained ever somber and serious. Though his maternal grandmother tended him dotingly and lovingly, his serious countenance remained unchanged. Seeing his grim outlook, his grandfather thought that Baba Huzoor was sad at the untimely demise of his parents. He therefore brought for him, some pigeons and a pony for his entertainment. In spite of his spiritual immersions, Baba Huzoor tended to them with utmost love and thereby gave unto the world the message to love Nature.

  First proclamation of Baba’s Spiritual Stature

Around the age of 7 years, Baba Huzoor was admitted to a Madarsa in Kamptee. He became well-versed in Arabi, Persian, Urdu, Hindi and English as well. One day, a renowned Saint of the time, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Baba, who was passing by, suddenly entered the Madarsa, and pointing toward Baba Huzoor. He told the Maulavi” What are you trying to teach him. He has been well taught in his prior-birth and better tutored than yourself have taught him.” Thus, Baba Huzoor’s spiritual process was unfolded before the world for the first time by another spiritually enlightened saint. We do not subscribe to the lore that there Hazrat Abdullah Shah (R.A.) gave a half-eaten Palm-date to Baba Huzoor to awaken his spiritual super-consciousness, because there is no recorded or reported evidence of any change in daily routine or activity of Baba Huzoor thereafter. Baba Huzoor’s Supreme Divine status was re-ordained and being himself spiritually enlightened, Hazrat Abdullah Shah (R.A.) had only recognized it and declared it for all and sundry to know.



  Military Enrolment

All through his growing up years, Baba Huzoor devoutly followed his religious, obligations and spiritual meditations. However, he never neglected his worldly obligations and carried out his temporal tasks with equal responsibility. When he was around 18 years old, his family faced severe hardships due to devastation wrought about by a flooded Kanhan River, which flows in the neighborhood. Baba Huzoor obeyed his maternal Uncle’s request and enlisted in the British Army like his peers. It is from the military records that one gets his date of birth. With a tall, well built physique, Baba Huzoor’s was an imposing personality. However, while he fulfilled his temporal and military tasks efficiently, his mind was always wondering on a different spiritual wavelength all the time, far away from the material world. Baba Huzoor’s spiritual escalations were commensurate with his military? It is therefore necessary to know about the Sufi Traditions.

  Hues of Sufyism

When Islam first made inroads in India in the 14th century, it confronted severe and major crisis because of its inherent differences with basic principles and ideologies of “Hinduism”. One could not fathom such conflict when both claim to show the way unto the Almighty. It has been explained that from different paths the perceptions one can reach Almigfuly. But explanations are not solutions. Solutions were preferred by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, who is renowned as Khwaja Garib Nawaz of Ajmer Shareef. He inserted devotional music which is not present in Islamic form of offering prayers, which is serene and simple. Films or otherwise, Sufi music is latest trend, catching up with the young generation. Hazrat Khawaza Moinuddin Chisti (R.A.) exhorted his followers to visualize the Omnipotent, Divine Almighty as a Lover, and to arouse the same yearning, pining and longing to get one with him. This is the essence of Sufism, and the Sufi Music is the manifestation of the yearning and for the Lover in the form of Almighty. Hazrat Khwaza Moinuddin Chisti (R.A.) was thus the originator of Sufism, and Hazrat Baba Tajuddin (R.A.) is its final Custodian.



  Spiritual escalation of Baba Huzoor

Every action and result is accomplished in stages and phases. Same was true of Baba Huzoor’s spiritual emanicipation. It was not an overnight phenomena, even though pre-ordained by the Divine Almighty. Gradually, with his rigorous routine of religious rituals’ observation, Baba Huzoor inched closer to the axis of the spiritual mountain. However during this time, he also fulfilled his military duties religiously. As Baba Huzoor’s fulfillment of his religious obligations were observed alone, thee is no record of it during this period, Baba Huzoor’s platoon was commissioned to Sagar in Madhya Pradesh. At that time, Hazrat Daud Makki Chisti was serving humanity from the jungles of Sagar. Baba Huzoor, who was himself soaring up the spiritual path, recognized the saintly aura of Hazrat Daud, and every evening used to spend time with him engrossed in spiritual meditation. Within no time, Baba Huzoor reached the zenith of spiritualism and became personal embodiment of the Divine. There were changes in his behavior, which were incomprehensible for lay people. When a person scores a goal in a football match, he leaps with joy, rolls on the ground ecstatically, kneels and shouts. We can see his achievement and therefore we understand his actions. But Baba Huzoor had achieved the ULTIMATE. However, lay people could not see his achievement and therefore could not understand his actions. Word started spreading that Baba Huzoor was loosing his mental balance. It would not be out of place to mention, that in the meantime Hazrat Daud (R.A.) had left for heavenly sojourn, and his Mazaar was given effect to by Baba Huzoor who continued to regularly visit it and meditate there throughout the night. Soon his absence from the Military Camp every evening was noted, and word reached his Grandmother, who rushed down to Sagar. She prayed that her darling grandson had not fallen in vice company. That might she pretended to sleep and then followed Baba Huzoor from a discreet distance. It was a great relief when she found her darling grandson engrossed in deep meditation and prayers before the Durgah of a Peer. She returned home with great satisfaction.

  End of Military Career

As Baba Huzoor had scaled the apex of the spiritual summit, he attained strange powers, which at first the world could not understand. He could be simultaneously seen parading with the troops, roaming around the streets of Sagar or lost in deep meditation. These were his first miracles which the people could not fathom. Those who saw him loitering around the streets of the Sagar in an unkempt manner thought him to have lost his mental balance, and soon words in this regards started doing the rounds. Baba Huzoor had scaled the Supreme summit and was destined to rule the Universe. How could he listen to dictates of his superior officers! One day, Baba Huzoor flung a piece of paper at his Officer, and said, “Here is my resignation you manage your troops.” The Officer was dumbfounded by what he considered to be a rash act of an insame person. He then began loitering around the city in what appeared to be absurd aimless manner. His maternal grandmother when told of his mental condition, She came rushing to Sagar once again. She found him eating stones and pebbles as if they were Cheese and Chocolate with great relish. Convinced about his mental condition, the doting grandmother sadly brought her beloved grandson to Kamptee. When local medical treatment failed. Baba Huzoor was sent to his maternal Uncle at Chandrapur. Medicines can effect cure if there is some illness. How can one treat a person who was destined to cure the world of its illness. Baba Huzoor used to keep loitering in the dense forests as he used to do in Sagar. It is said that local tribals who were said to be adept in black magic, tried to target Baba Huzoor but their spells reverberated on themselves. Seeing that any medical treatment was fulfill, Baba Huzoor was brought back to Kamptee by his exasperated Uncle and left to fend for himself as during this time, even his doting grandmother had departed for heavenly abode.



  Sojourn At Kamptee

Baba Huzoor used to loiter around the streets and market of the Township. Sometime, he would be found resting in the shade of Peepul tree, ostensibly lost in meditation. This was the phase when his miraculous powers used to unfold before the world for its succor. Sometimes, he used to wander about in the rain or tread along the rivulet. Sometimes group of children used to follow him and pelt stones at him taking him to be a Mad man. When people scolded the stone-pelting children Baba Huzoor would admonish them, “Why do you shout at them for they are showering flowers on me”. He had become oblivious to ecstasy or pain, rain or hot summer sun. But he remained ever alert to pain and misfortune of others and would grant them succor, without even being beseeched. His fame had spread like wild forest fire and his exalted spiritual status was being gradually appreciated by common people.

  Miracle at Goldsmith’s House

One day Baba Huzoor was loitering around in the market of Kamptee, followed by group of children and devotees. He suddenly went over to the House of a Goldsmith, and ordered him, “Vacate this house forthwith and take out all your belongings immediately. Being local, Goldsmith had heard about Baba Huzoor’s wondrous deeds. He immediately obeyed and vacated the house. Just as the last of his articles were being removed that night, the whole building collapsed in a heap. The whole family of the Goldsmith, who were saved by Baba Huzoor’s grace, became his staunch devotees.

  Prophecy of Court Verdict

One day Baba Huzoor sat relaxing in the shade of a tree near Kamptee railway station surrounded by a buch of devotees. A Marwadi origin person was passing by deeply engrossed in his thoughts. It was the Day of Judgment in a court case which he had been fighting for long. As the person passed by, Baba Huzoor remarked, “Why do you go there in this manner. The verdict has been given in your favour.” The person had heard about Baba’s divine powers. He rushed to the court and found Baba Huzoor’s words to be true. Overjoyed, he offered Sweets to Baba Huzoor. Which Baba Huzoor got distributed amongst the devotee present.



  Feeding Starving Devotes

Once in Kamptee, a poor family who used to visit Baba Huzoor were going without food for the day as they had not a morsel to eat. Just then, Baba Huzoor came to their house and demanded, “Give me to eat-I am hungry.” The head of the family was too shocked to speak. With great difficulty, he uttered. “Forgive us Baba, but we don’t have anything to feed you.” “Don’t lie to me.” Said Baba,” Why are you hiding food in that Box there?” In man said, “No Baba Sahib I am not lying. The box is empty.” Baba Huzoor ordered him to open the box, and Lo and Behold, there was enough edible for all. Shocked beyond words, the man fell down at Baba Huzoor’s feet, his eyes folded with tears of gratitude. For the succor of the family of his hungry devotee Baba Huzoor had filled up an empty box with savoury edibles. The family of the poor devotee never every starved thereafter.

  Resolve to go to lunatic asylum

As the news about Baba Huzoor’s miraculous powers to grant reliefs and benefit spread, hordes and devotees and seekers also started increasing. Some sought parenthood, some sought service, some sought promotion, some riches, some relief from ailments etc. All the time there were floods of seekers following Baba Huzoor. Though Baba Huzoor used to gratify his devotees but there is no end to wants. As a result, Baba Huzoor was finding it difficult in communicating with his Spiritual obligations. Why, he was having no time even for proper rest. Fed up with the constant bickering of self-seekers of varied reliefs and succor, Baba Huzoor, one fine day announced, ‘Hao Ji Babu, this world is a Mad-house. I will go Mental Hospital.” Already, some people had thought him to be a Lunatic while the world itself was behaving in a lunatic manner. What better place for spiritual mediation, divine communion and pristine peace in undisturbed solitude, than a Lunatic Asylum! The very next day, Baba Huzoor removed all his clothes and in stark naked condition, entered the European Ladies Club in Cantonment. All hell broke loose then, as the British ladies shrieked and swooned. Military personnel rushed and captured Baba Huzoor, who was dubbed as a mad man. Bound in ropes, Baba Huzoor, after the completion of legal formalities, was brought over to Mental Hospital at Nagpur. The data was 26th August, 1892, and this was to be his abode for the next sixteen years.



  Again in Kamptee

The very next day, i.e., on 27th August, One of the Military Guards, who had accompanied Baba Huzoor to the Mental Hospital Nagpur, with his Commanding Officer went to Kamptee Market for making routing purchasers. He was shocked to find Baba Huzoor loitering in Kamptee streets as usual. He rushed back and reported the matter to an equally dumbfounded Commanding Officer. Commanding Officer mounted his fastest horse and rode the place where he found Baba Huzoor sitting meditatively under a tree. Remember, in those time horse were the fastest mode of transportation. He rushed on his mount to Mental Hospital, Nagpur, and leaving his horse at the gates, stormed into Civil Surgeon’s Office Confronting and Civil Surgeon, he demanded, “Where is the Lunatic I brought here yesterday?” Civil surgeon said, “He is in his Cell, please come with me! He took the C.O. to Baba Huzoor’s Cell. There the Commanding Officer saw through the bars Baba Huzoor sitting there in exactly the same pose as he was seen sitting under the tree at Kamptee. Rendered speechless by the miraculous feat unfolding itself before his very eyes, the Commanding Officer did not know what to say. His mental faculty was coming to terms with the fact that spiritually evolved personages are beyond scientific limitations and explanation. How else can one explain the fact that a person is present in Kamptee and simultaneously at Nagpur too. It was Baba Huzoor who broke the silence, “Hao Ji, you do your work, I do mine.” This, Baba Huzoor said to assuage his conscience which was contemplating whether he had committed a wrong by sending a Saint to the Lunatic Asylum. Shocked to see that Baba Huzoor could even read his conscience, revelation dawned upon him that a true Saint defies Science, and Logic itself. He bowed to Baba Huzoor’s great? As the first true, constant self-less Devotee. He thereafter constantly used to visit Mental Hospital every Sundays with his family. After this instance, Baba Huzoor was seen around Kamptee many times, while still at Mental Hospital, Nagpur. Some European Ladies, who had been instrumental in sending Baba Huzoor to Mental Hospital, cross checked and was dumbfounded by this miraculous phenomena. The name of the Commanding Officer was Thomas McDonald. Further reference will be made of him. However, what must be stressed here, amongst all his contemporary saint, Hazrat Baba Tajuddin was the only one who had the powers to be present at two places at the same time. A turtle Divine and Omnipotent trait. Baba Huzoor thus had the unique power to work several miracles simultaneously and therefore it is impossible to keep record of all his wondrous miracles. Baba Huzoor could manifest himself manifold simultaneously, no wonder he was titled “Emperor Amongst Saints”.



  Lunatic returns to Asylum

All the Medical Superintendants, who were incharge of the Mental Hospital, during Baba Huzoor’s stay there, invariably, in due course of time, became his devotees. In fact, they were privileged to be witness to numerous miracles every day of their tenure. Two names stand out, Dr. Abdul Majeed, who was recipient of one of the biggest miracle; and Dr. Kashinathrao Paunaskar, who later himself became spiritually elevated by Baba Huzoor’s grace. Once during late evening hours. Dr. Abdul Majeed was surprised to see Baba Huzoor strolling around in the verandah outside his Cell. At that time Dr. Majeed was not quite aware of Baba Huzoor’s miraculous powers. He called over the Guard to his office and scolded him for not locking the Cell. ‘Don’t you know what problem can arise if a lunatic escapes?” “But, Sir” said the Guard, “I have myself locked Baba Huzoor’s cell. Come with me. I’ll show you. “Dr. Majeed accompanied the Guard to the Cell. It was securely locked and Baba Huzoor was sitting inside in his usual posture. Dumbstruck, he wondered how come he saw Baba strolling outside. Baba Huzoor looked up and smilingly said, “Hao Ji, it is breeze, it comes and it goes.” It was then that Baba Huzoor’s supernatural potency struck Dr. Majeed and he himself became Baba’s devotee. He then started consulting Baba Huzoor about all his problems. Once, Dr. Majeed was very perturbed as a lunatic had escaped in spite of best vigil. Baba Huzoor himself walked into his office and said, “Don’t worry, he’ll come in the morning by himself.” Right enough, the next morning, the escaped lunatic was found, standing in front of hospital gate. When asked about the incident, the lunatic said that after his escape from the asylum he loitered here and there for sometime and then he was heading for his house, when on the way, Baba Huzoor met him and brought him back to the gate and disappeared.



  And The Locomotive Stopped In Its Track

Dr. Abdul Majeed had become unflinching devotee of Baba Huzoor and would not do anything without seeking his permission and blessings. Once, he was required to go to Bombay for some work regarding his career. He approached Baba Huzoor and sought his permission to go to Bombay. Baba Huzoor remained silent. Dr. Majeed again asked, “Baba Huzoor, I have to go to Bombay. Do I have your permission?” again Baba Huzoor did not say anything. Once again, on his knees, he asked the same question. Then Baba Huzoor irritatingly said, “Go, if you so stubbornly insist.” Then he picked up a leaf, muttered something over it, and giving it to Dr. Majeed, said, “You don’t want to heed me, so go. But always keep this leaf in your pocket and return soon.” Having got Baba Huzoor’s permission, Dr. Majeed left for Bombay. As there is a long halt at Bhusaval Station, Dr. Majeed alighted from the train for some work, and started walking over the railway tracks to reach the otherside. Just then, he saw a locomotive engine running on the same track on which he was a few feet away. There was no time even to move out of the way. He fainted on the track. People on the platform started screaming “Oh, he is gone, he is run over~” But the Engine made a sudden halt where Dr. Majeed had fallen. It was just incredible, unimaginable. The Engine Driver and Fireman alighted from the Engine, just as Dr. Majeed regained his senses. The Driver said, “I did not apply the brakes. The engine halted by itself. Never even heard of something so incredible. Surely, you must be some great noble soul.” He then tried to touch his feet to seek his blessing, as did some others too. They had all witnessed a divine miracle with their own eyes. There were tears of gratitude rolling down the face of Dr. Majeed. He stopped the people from bowing to him, saying “No, no, I am no great soul. I am a normal human being like you all. However, I happen to be a humble devotee of an emancipated soul.” He then took out the leaf from his pocket and related the entire event with Baba Huzoor. After this incident, many more people started visiting the Mental Hospital at Nagpur to pay their obeisance to Baba Tajuddin.



  Vision as Jesus Christ

Kamptee Military Commander Thomas McDonald had already become a devotee of Baba Huzoor and used to visit him with his family regularly. On Christmas day, 25th December, 1892, after the Holy Mass he went over to the statue of Jesus Christ on the Cross, and started praying with closed eyes at S.F.S. Cathedral Nagpur. After finishing his prayers, he opened his eyes. Oh, what was this! Instead of Jesus, it was Baba Huzoor on the Cross! He rubbed his eyes and looked again thrice. Every time, it was Baba Huzoor on the Cross. He rushed to Mental Hospital with family in tow, and fell on Baba’s feet, saying “Oh, my Baba, You are my Lord, You are my Jesus. Bless me, oh Baba, Bless me. “Tears were flowing from his eyes. Baba Huzoor looked and smilingly blessed.” Hao Ji, why don’t you mount the horse and come.” The very next day, Thomas received the orders of his promotion. Only then he understood, what Baba Huzoor meant by ‘mounting a horse’.

  Garland Of Snake

Narayanrao Kalamkar was a staunch devotee of Baba Huzoor, and regularly used to visit Mental Hospital to seek his blessings. He was a devout person and used to follow his religious duties religiously. In the Hindu calendar month of Shrawan, he used to keep fast on each Monday, and after bathing used to pray at temple of Shankarji. For the benefit of the uninitiated, Shankarji is the third entity of Hindu Holy Trinity, the other two being – Bramha, the Creator and Vishnu, who had descended upon Earth in the Holy incarnation of Shri Rama in Tretha Yug and Shri Krishna in the Dwapar Yug, as per Hindu traditional belief. One Monday, Narayanrao thought of first visiting Baba Huzoor and then to Shankarji’s temple to pay his respects. He left his house around 4.30 p.m. He first reached Mental Hospital, and proceeded straight to Baba Huzoor’s cell touch his feet and any obeisance. The cell was locked but what he saw shocked him to the bones. He immediately rushed and brought along Dr. Abdul Majeed with him, who was similarly stunned. The Cell was locked from outside Baba Huzoor was seated on the floor inside with a big black Cobra with its majestic hood spread, twirled around Baba Huzoor’s neck. They were wondering, as to what they should do to ward this danger, when Baba Huzoor smilingly looked up and beckoned them to come in. They opened the Cell and entered gingerly. Baba Huzoor said “Why are you afraid, come on in.” So saying he removed the snake from around his neck. The snake vanished and only Baba Huzoor was sitting there and smiling. Then he calmly looked at Narayanrao and asked, “Still more visits left?” Narayanrao fell down at Baba’s feet, saying, “Where else can I go, Baba Jaan, you are my Shankar, you are my Mahadev.” It must be mentioned that Shankarji, who is called by various other names including Shiva, Mahadeva etc., is conceptualized as wearing a Cobra snake around his neck, exactly as Baba Huzoor had then appeared.



  Death-Sentence Overturned

Ramsingh was a small time farmer owning a small patch of land in his village. Vested interests of the village got him falsely implicated in a murder case. All his pleas of innocence fell on deaf ears, and he was carted off by the Police to face trial before the Sessions Court. Lack of resources left him stranded without proper legal representation. Ultimately, the learned Sessions Court upheld the charge of murder against him and sentenced him to death. It is pertinent to note that death penalty is given only in the rarest of rare cases, proved beyond doubt. However, the sentence is subject to confirmation by the Hon’ble High Court. Therefore, Ramsingh’s case was sent for confirmation before Hon. High Court. Crestfallen Ramsingh had lost all hope. However, the Jail-guard told him about Baba Huzoor and told his to seek his blessings. As his case was yet to come up for confirmation, he applied for release on parole, which was accepted with conditions. Ramsingh went over to Mental Hospital and on finding Baba Huzoor fell down before him crying.” Save me oh Baba, save me. I am innocent but they are going to hang me! Baba Huzoor looked up consolingly and said, “Go lad, go. We don’t punish innocent. You are released,” After getting Baba Huzoor’s blessings, Ramsingh returned to Jail with some solace. But then, how will he engage a lawyer to plead his case. He had no money. Who will plead his case. Such disturbing thoughts still prevailed till his hearing started before Hon. High Court. At long last when his case came up before the High Court, Ramsingh was a bit apprehensive. As soon as his case was called out, a tall, lean Barrister in a flowing Robe entered the Court, and informed the court that he wanted to plead Ramsingh’s case; in a booming voice. The court granted him permission. Ramsingh was at his wits end. Who was the benefactor, who had engaged the services of such wise looking Barrister, who was pleading his case before the court in such eloquent fashion, he wondered. The Government appeared to be all at sea against him. The court too was listening to his arguments appreciatively. Judgment was a foregone conclusion. Ramsingh was acquitted. On his release, he went over to Mental Hospital, Baba was strolling in the verandah. On seeing Ramsingh, Baba Huzoor, in the voice of the Barrister, remarked, “Hao Ji, Barrister was big Englishman.” Ramsingh could not stop his tears from overflowing. He knelt down before Baba Huzoor and said” Oh. Baba, you were my Barrister, you have saved me.” There after, he remained ever devoted to Baba Huzoor.



  For whom to Pray

Once Hazrat Qutubuddin Qazi’s son Fakruddin took gravely ill. It must be note that Hazrat Qutubuddin is the author of “Taj-Kutbi”. He attended to his sick son devotedly for four months but to no avail. His son’s condition deteriorated in spite of his best efforts and medication. When there is no scope for medication the only hope is Divine Intervention. With great hopes of succor, Hazrat Qutubuddin came over to Baba Huzoor. As he was bowing to touch Huzoor’s feet, Baba remarked, “But whom to pray for. He has already left this world.” Hazrat slumped to the ground in shock and grief. After sometime Baba told him, “Have patience and attend to his rites.” A shattered Hazrat returned to Kamptee to learn that his ailing son had indeed passed away. Hazrat Qutubuddin then sought solace in the fact that his son’s suffering was now over, with everlasting peace.

  Medical Certificate Without Examination

Sayyed Abdul Wahab of Madras was posted at D.A.A.G.P. & T. office at Nagpur and joined duty on 10th December, 1907. He was apprehensive because it was mandatory to get medical examination the same day and at the time he was having scabies. He was greatly worried as to what can be done. His friend Abdul Hafeez Saheb advised him to seek Baba Huzoor’s blessing. Sayyed Wahab in the company of his cousin. Sayyad Ahmad set of for Mental Hospital. Baba Huzoor was sitting under a tree surrounded by hundreds of devotees. As soon as he reached there, Baba Huzoor called out to him, “Come, Madrasi Brother. I also am from Madras. You came for office, you will take office.” All people started looking at Sayyad Wahab, who was himself wondering about the powers of Baba Huzoor that he could know the purpose of his visit without himself referring to it. Public gave him passage to Baba Huzoor. As Sayyad Wahab reached Baba Huzoor, he was ordered, “Massage my feet. He knelt and started pressing Baba Huzoor’s feet. He was surprised to note that in no time Baba Huzoor’s person was going cold, and Baba himself was lying inanimate like. Sayyad Wahab panicked. He tried to feel for heartbeats, tried to sense Baba Huzoor’s breath. He tried to shake Baba Huzoor, who had been lying motionless for almost 15 minutes now. He was about to call out for help, when Baba Huzoor slowly opened his eyes, sat up and mumbled something, which none there understood. Then Baba Huzoor looked at Sayyad Wahab and said, “Go and visit him. Let us see what the Doctor can do. In the evening when Sayyad Wahab visited the Medical Officer




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