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Through the ages there have been many revered sages that have adorned this world in various manifestations. All have cut across religious divides and have attended sainthood by proclaiming universal salvation. Their paths may be different but attending ultimate salvation and one next with the almighty has been their purpose. By their very persons they have assured welfare of the mankind irrespective of their caste and cried. In the present world, we have seen such incarnations in the form of Saibaba of Shirdi, Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon, Baba Taj of Pune, Dadaji Dhuniwale of Saikheda, Meerasingh Maharaj, Avtar Mehar Baba, Upasani Maharaj and Narayan Singhji, to name a few but Hajrat Baba Tajuddin the emperor amongst all, the Patron Sent of the City of Nagpur has exalted the entire universe by his divine presence.
“So awesome was his graceful omni patent person,

  “Fortune of millions stood altered in moments”

The author of “Taj Kutbi”, the only authentic account of Hajrat Baba Tajuddin (R.A.) or Baba Huzoor written by Kutubuddin Qazil when sought Baba Hujur permission to write Baba Hujur, Baba Hujur remark “Hoji Babu but from were will you bring enough paper and ink”


Thus, writing about Baba Hujur as indicated by him was an attempt in futility. This effort is only to inform the uniform a streak Baba’s presence in this world.
Baba Hujur was born in Gora Bazar, Kamptee on 27.1.1861 to Hajrat Sayyad Badruddin (R.A.) and Mariyambi Saheba Guddanbi. He was named Tajuddin. At the time of birth, Baja Hujur was thought to be a stillborn child. However, when a heated coin was stucked of his temple, as per the prevalent customs, Baba Hujur opened his eyes with a loud shirk and started looking around. The scar of being branded by hot coin remain with him throughout his life.

  Baba Hujur was orphaned very early in his life. He grew up in his grandmother’s house. At the age of six, he was admitted to school. Baba Hujur studied Arabic, Partian, Urdu, Hindi and English. It is said that Muslim saint of those time Hajrat Abdulla Shah Baba saw Baba Hujur studying in a madarsa and told the tutor “What are you trying to teach him, he has been well taught in his previous birth and better tutors than you have taught him.”

Baba Hujur devoutly followed his religious obligations and spiritual meditations. He carried his temporary taks with equal responsibility and devotion. At the age of 18 due to severe hardship caused to his family, Baba Hujur obeying his maternal uncle request enlisted in the British Army like his ancestors. Tall well built Baba Hujur became an Army Javan. However, Baba Hujur spiritual persutes and his love for Sufi tradition continue to impress upon him and held Baba Hujur in attending spiritual emancipation. However, he never neglected his military duties. While his platoon was stationed at Sagar (Madhya Pradesh), Baba Hujur came in contact with Hajrat Daud Makki Chisti. He would spent hours together with him ingress in spiritual meditation and spiritual presutes and seen Baba Hujur became one with the Devine. When Hajrat Daud Makki Chisti left for heavenly Abode, Baba Hujur visited his shrine and meditated.


By this time, Baba Hujur has scaled the zenith of spiritual summit and attends great powers, which he profusely used for the benefit of mankind. Such is the divine stretcher of Baba Hujur that words cannot describe his greatness. The “Chistia Silsila” that was started by the great Khwaja Garib Navaj of Ajmer Sharif bringing in Sufism in India and propagated by Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (R.A.), Khwaja Nijamuddin Aulia (R.A.) and Amir Khurso Sahab, to name a few ended with Baba Hujur. All through his life, Baba Hujur perform innumerable miracles in order to equal sufferings of humanity. Such instances are in numerable.


Great soul such as Baba Hujur have always given spiritual guidance to those, who seek from them. Baba Hujur is one such great and immoral soul of our times, who even today guide spiritual aspirant, as he did when he was physically present. Irrespective of the presence caste, cried or standing in society to such a divine soul, we pay our obeisance and bow down in reverence.


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