Chhabbisi Half Yearly Urs Annual Urs Birth Anniversary Sandals



Sandals are grand procession with accompanying bands ceremonially taken out to present Chader and Sandalwood paste to the enlightened entity. Every year 7 Sandals are taken out from Tajabad,

  4 for other places. (where baba lived)

On March 3, to Waki Shareef

  On 29th March to Pagalkhana Shareef,
  On 29th April to Kabul Kandhar Shareef
  On 27 Sawwal to Durgah of Marrium Amma Sahiba.
  3 Darbari Shahi Sandal of Tajabad, (these are the most grand of all Sandals.)
  On 26th Rajjab every year, (Half yearly Urs)
  On 26th Moharram every year (Annual Urs)
  On 27th January every year, (Birth Anniversary)
  Hazrat Baba Tajuddin’s Birthday

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